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Originally Posted by godheadx View Post
ok let's use a better example, I grab my 870, and hop in my car,
Drive 5 minutes down the road to municipal property load it up,
And start hunting along bike paths, etc

I should be shoot dead for doing something legal so that the
Police can feel safer?
Ok, here is 2 key differences.

1. You can appear with a gun in the places where guns permitted. Obviously city streets not one of them. If you know person with a gun already heavily violated a law, you do not expect him to be a good citizen in a first place.
Example: if you see someone taking out a handgun in a bank, you would not think he is just want to clean it, but duck or run away fast.

2. Policeman is not a ghost. He does not suddenly appear, he drives a huge car with red lights. If dump kid (and you with a shotgun on a bike path) see policemen, first you do is drop weapon and anything look like it, including a wood stick! You will not be shot.
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