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Originally Posted by godheadx View Post
ok let's use a better example, I grab my 870, and hop in my car,
Drive 5 minutes down the road to municipal property load it up,
And start hunting along bike paths, etc

I should be shoot dead for doing something legal so that the
Police can feel safer?

Someone visiting from Toronto to ride a bike drives down, sees
Me hunting, they should call the police on me?

Everytime the Police or conservation encounter a hunter it should
Be at gun point so someone whom took a risky and dangerous
Job can feel safer? That's what police are paid for sorry to say,
And if they can't hack it, they should quit plain and simple.

few years ago I attended a park in Toronto, to check up on
A water reservoir, I hear clap clap clap! I go around the building
Look, there's 4-5 kids with airguns shooting balloons tapes to
The rear door screwing it up.

I called non-emergency and clearly explained I was with the kids
Right now, they were airguns, theres no real danger, come charge
Kids with vandalism please.

So yeah, I dialed non-emergency to not get etf, and twenty officers,
But I still got guns pointed at me, and the overkill response that was
Not warranted.
You have got to be shitting me.

Where the fuck are you that has municipal property that mixes bike paths with a shot gun range? Beirut?

And I am surprised the 911 operator didn't clue in and tell the police to run the takedown your way instead of using their TTPs. Did you list your qualifications when you made the call?
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