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I think A lot of you are missing the crux here....we're talking about the States dude. Cops don't F$ck about down south. Specially after 9/11....its open season on anyone not doing what Law Enforcement tells them to do (I mean that in the most genral breath before you react).

That said, cops are people too, and if anyone thinks for a second that the officer who shot the kid is sleeping easy....however justified, your dreamin' in technicolor my friend.

Walking around with a AK 47 assault rifle not uncommon on the streets in Cali let alone most of the US, is tantamount to asking for it...literally. Remember, California LEO's probably come across more assault weapons in a day than any cop in Canada would in a year....even in T.O. or way they're taking a chance it ain't way. And right after that shooting...yeah what was it? Darwinism...hard to argue with that one.
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