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Originally Posted by BloodDrinker View Post
So By your exact logic The cop was unjustified.

since other options existed That would not of ended the kids life.

Wrong call he's an over panniced coward who needlessly ended a kids life

thanks for proving my point.

Because a cop with back up in body armour was in far less danger then a private citizen.

No reports of shots fired?
No reported gun shot wounds in the area.

cop with an overly itchy trigger finger or racial hate for Mexicans Blows the kid away.

Sound proper call.

Cops enforce the law they are not above it.
AK47 Open Carry: Stopped by the Cops - YouTube

I"d just like to point out that California is an open carry state, (unloaded),
So under the law, walking around with an ak-47 may indeed be legal,
and the us supreme count has ruled that carrying a gun, even an ak-47,
Is not reason for the police to detain, or search in anyway. I believe they
Are able to do a check to ensure you gun is unloaded tho (Cali)

And lately due to obamas big gun control push, Starbucks, etc open carry marches, demonstrations or just normal law abiding citizens, strapping a firearm
To themselves in plain view of the public, and going about the day enjoying a big dose of freedom is a common and every day occurrence for the police, and the public, California more so....

So without any gun shots, etc etc I do question abit on why guns were pulled on the kid as he was not breaking any law.

There's a new thing the gun control crowd in the us are doing, which is dialing 911 everytime they see a person carrying openly and claiming to the 911 operator the person is carrying a gun around acting crazy, threatening, etc
Just blatantly lying so that police will arrive in force, with guns drawn and
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