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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
Remember the general public are basically stupid. Anti-gun groups told the public that anyone can walk into a gun store an buy a gun, but didn't say a FAC was needed for the purchase. The public paniced. Also, during the gun law crisis, anti-gun groups told people if the government take away all the guns from gun owners, Canada will rid crime.

Exactly, which is why this kid should run his legal "airsoft" game every weekend.

The laws dealing with replica weapons and airsoft/pellet guns have nothing to
do with safety, I played "war" all over my neighborhood in clear view of everyone, was never shot by police, hell never even seen police.

the laws we have now, which rid children the horrors of make believe violence,
sole purpose is to condition them to not be gun owners when they are older,
It's a delayed gun grab scheme plain and freaking simple.

The fact that alot of the posters in this thread react negatively to the kids legal
Council approved, for charity game, makes me shake my head.
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