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My big problem is its a bunch of 12 years olds in a public park in the middle of the day with air soft guns. In an area I may add where a Durham Regional Police officer has been the face of banning the sport in Ontario for a few years now. I'm all for good publicity related to the sport, just not a fan of how this kid operated his "event" pick a more secluded spot, fuck knows we have lots of them in the area. This is the most used public space in Uxbridge and happens to be on a very residential and busy street.
There is are political reasons that this event is allowed and 12 year olds which are under age are allowed to do it. Police kills a 12 year and the airsoft community pays for it.

Remember the general public are basically stupid. Anti-gun groups told the public that anyone can walk into a gun store an buy a gun, but didn't say a FAC was needed for the purchase. The public paniced. Also, during the gun law crisis, anti-gun groups told people if the government take away all the guns from gun owners, Canada will rid crime.

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