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Question Hello From Down Under!

Hi All,

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Josh Labrie, im currently 14 years old and living in Sydney, Australia.

As people may be aware, airsoft is completely outlawed here, we dont even get to own one that is clear plastic or one that would shoot 1 FPS.

I used to live in Vancouver and I am most likely coming back there soon for a holiday to meet up with some old friends and family.

During the time I will be there, I would like very much to play some airsoft with some fellow Canadians while I can.

But, my question is, to all of you people in Vancouver, is there a field in which I can play at when I will be 15 years old? From what I can see, OpFor only take people 16 and up. It doesnt have to be in Vancouver, it just has to be within reasonable driving distance.

Thanks and I wish you all the best,
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