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If you're deployed in afghanistan, and a kid points a rifle at you, would you risk yourself being shot? I wouldn't.

The FACTS about this story are:
1.) no one knew it was a fake gun, aside from the boy
2.) there was a shooting a day ago killing a couple students and a teacher. Keep this in mind.
3.) a bystander urged the boy to drop the airsoft gun.
4.) the airsoft gun looks real from afar
5.) according to witness statements, the boy turned towards the sheriff and it looked like he was going to raise the rifle at the officer.

Now if you were the officer, would you be more concerned with getting a kid to drop a rifle, or if he looks like he's about to shoot you are you going to protect yourself? Nevermind the "be a hero" mentality. I will bet money that most people would rather shoot the kid than risk the rifle being real and being riddled with 7.62.

You guys are too black and white. The fault is in both parties. I dont know why the boy didn't drop the gun when he was warned by a civilian AND police, and he should have known better to not go outside with anything that looks like a gun. When I was in grade 1 we had a police officer come to our class and teach us these things. Don't do things that would prompt a police officer to use deadly just isn't common sense. The officer is at fault for shooting the kid but I really don't blame him. I would do the same thing if I were in that situation.

you guys have to consider the context of the whole situation. I think the biggest factor leading up to the shooting is the fact there was an ACTUAL shooting a day ago.
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