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Originally Posted by BloodDrinker View Post
So By your exact logic The cop was unjustified.

since other options existed That would not of ended the kids life.

Wrong call he's an over panniced coward who needlessly ended a kids life

thanks for proving my point.

Because a cop with back up in body armour was in far less danger then a private citizen.

No reports of shots fired?
No reported gun shot wounds in the area.

cop with an overly itchy trigger finger or racial hate for Mexicans Blows the kid away.

Sound proper call.

Cops enforce the law they are not above it.
First you sound like a troll using absolutes.

If the cop suspected an assault rifle, which is what an AK looks like, that can punch through standard body armor plates, plus a car body with a chance of penetration into a person.

If the calling was in a bad neighborhood where gangs are common it most likely could be real.

Cop probably over reacted, but if you are called into a suspected firearm case, you treat that as a real firearm until otherwise, as even if a bullet doesn't kill you it hurts like the dickens and could get you killed on a lucky hit.

Looking at a use of force chart, the perception of grievous bodily harm which is an assault rifle can be responded with lethal force, skipping the previous communication,physical control,intermediate force sections.

Also 13 doesn't mean anything, he could be a big mature 13 for all we know, that looks older.
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