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Hey everyone. My name's Sarah. I'm 24. I'm from the US, but I am currently doing my masters in Library Science at Western (started in Sept), and I plan on getting PR when I'm done since my finacee is Canadian, so I figured I'd check out the Canadian airsoft community.

I got into airsoft after watching the YouTube series Modern War Gear Solid and hanging out with the guys who made it and thinking it would be fun to try. I rented a gun my first game, my battery died, my mag jammed, but I loved every second of it, and bought my first gun soon after, joined a team, and went to games whenever I could.

Unfortunately, I'm a broke grad student, and since I can't get my guns over the border, I'm stuck with a spring Crosman rifle and pistol until I save some money. However, I'm excited to play again! At least I have all my gear!
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