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Originally Posted by BloodDrinker View Post
Well in the same situation so the same kid was pointing the same AK47 at him... Same situation... Get it right before you BS you way out of it.

nice try...

Cop was in the wrong... Nice trying thanks for playing...

FYI... why did the other cops not shoot to if it was such justified force?

It scares me that your Old enough to vote....

Again, that's not his job it cannot be the same thing, if he wants to play hero and patrol the neighborhood for kids running around with AK's that's on him.

A private citizen being confronted by a kid wielding a gun that may or may not be real, if he has a reasonable fear for his life he'd be justified in shooting.

Lol if that's all it takes to scare you maybe you shouldn't be around Airsoft lol
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