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my 10 and 6 year old have been taught that if they see what looks like a gun weather or not it is they do not touch it. rule 1. they have been taught that if they are handed a " could be a gun" that they first ask if it is loaded and to have the person verify the unload, clear, they then know that it is only pointed at what is to be destroyed, ... that's right not wounded not warned not .... what ever. destroyed removed from this planet never to come back dead so sad to bad. they know what is to be considered a safe point . at the age of 3 my children understood that police are our friends they will help us when we need them and they are to always be listened to. if i was a negligent parent who let my children do what ever came into their small developing heads and didn't teach them safe and unsafe right and wrong, then i would be that parent that stands in the middle of my Ontario housing complex parking lot( yup i was a poor kid one of many from a real ruff neighborhood) crying "why did they shot my kids, they was just playin. why kill my babies you bad cop" but im not a shite parent. I respect the real and dangerous job of the police whom many have family's in the community as well. im sure as i breath that they don't get up in the morning and think wheres my coffee and gun i gotta kill me somthin today. i do believe that if someone any were any time pointed a gun or a looks like it real good gun at me as a cop i would shoot to stop the forward motion of attack, if this offends im sorry but get a badge i have a couple of neighborhoods for you to patrol, the belief that all cops are crooks is a imported system of thought from lands that have systemic blatant corruption from police to government, not so much is sad that the boy died with a pistol in his belt and an ak in his hand , i my come off as a jerk or worse but where was mom or dad , where was the gun bag, why was it not treated like a real loaded gun with the respect it is due.
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