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Using Air canon in big games

hey guys, Halestorm and I made a Air canon that shoots the mini nerf vortex footballs, the idea to use in big milsim games to take out Vehicles.

It is charged to 60 psi with a safety pressure valve so it doesn't exceed 100 psi using schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings, which has a max rating of 280 psi so 60 is well with in safe operating limits. It has a psi gage on it as well to insure it is not over charged. On a 60 psi charge we are getting 200-250 feet. It can be charged two ways, 1 with a bike pump 2 with a co2 12 gram cartridge.

Safety is always the biggest concern, and I was shot with it at about 50 feet, it hit my arm and it felt like a decent punch from a buddy. No bruising but left a red mark witch dissapeared quickly. They are a lot of fun, but again safty is our biggest concern.

What do you guys think of using this in a milsim game with vehicles. We made a video which i will link.

Air Canon for airsoft - YouTube
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