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Originally Posted by volteco View Post
I totally understand. But 13 y.o. doesn't. He is basically just a kid, who still plays with little cars. For him it is all just a game, he doesn't understand how perilous it is. Just doesn't. Period. He is not old enough.
Common, guys some of us have kids too. You know what I am talking about. So, what if it was 8 year old? 5 year old? Would they shoot him dead too?
Police officers are trained to shoot in the center of mass... Now wait just a second. Are they some sort of robots, machines? Don't they have brains? They have families too, and kids. Anyone can be in the place of that kid. What of it was a toy gun from toysrus?
How easy it is for a trained police officer to disarm 13 yo without just shooting him right away. If it is not easy he should not be a police officer on the first place.
I disagree.

My 10 and 5 year olds have respect for both firearms and the Police - because I taught them too.

As far as the actions of the Officer - it looks like a real firearm! Should the officer have risked his life or that of any bystanders to hit a smaller target (while under stress) which may or may not neutralize the threat?

Center Mass - neutralizes the threat!
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