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Originally Posted by redzaku View Post
buddy, do you understand what was each police officers was taught? they were taught to use deadly force, for fear of personal safety and public safety.
if you go around carrying an airsoft AK, even though it may be a toy to you, in eyes of the law enforcement, its a firearm and they can't risk it. so they tell you to drop it and if you don't comply, you are getting shot for failing to do so
I totally understand. But 13 y.o. doesn't. He is basically just a kid, who still plays with little cars. For him it is all just a game, he doesn't understand how perilous it is. Just doesn't. Period. He is not old enough.
Common, guys some of us have kids too. You know what I am talking about. So, what if it was 8 year old? 5 year old? Would they shoot him dead too?
Police officers are trained to shoot in the center of mass... Now wait just a second. Are they some sort of robots, machines? Don't they have brains? They have families too, and kids. Anyone can be in the place of that kid. What of it was a toy gun from toysrus?
How easy it is for a trained police officer to disarm 13 yo without just shooting him right away. If it is not easy he should not be a police officer on the first place.

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