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Originally Posted by volteco View Post
I think the guy who shot the boy must go to jail. He should have make sure 10 times that this is a real firearm, and even then he could just shot the boy's leg, just to immobilize him.
With guns so popular in States they can't shot people dead on a sight just because they carry something that looks like a real firearm. And this was just a kid, 13 year old, this shoud have been obvious to see.
And I am wondering, the gun should have orange flashhider, this is the law in states, is it not? So it was probably clear that this was not a real firearm.
Orange flash hider is only mandatory for import and sale. Privately you can do whatever you want to it, depending on the state.

Police officers shoot to stop which typically means center of mass. Also I am not a lawyer, but most bylaws prohibit the brandishing a weapon in public. Concealed carry and open carry is not brandishing, since they are safed in holsters
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