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Originally Posted by volteco View Post
I think the guy who shot the boy must go to jail. He should have make sure 10 times that this is a real firearm, and even then he could just shot the boy's leg, just to immobilize him.
With guns so popular in States they can't shot people dead on a sight just because they carry something that looks like a real firearm. And this was just a kid, 13 year old, this shoud have been obvious to see.
And I am wondering, the gun should have orange flashhider, this is the law in states, is it not? So it was probably clear that this was not a real firearm.
Volteco... Thats simply not how things are done. There are no 'shooting at legs' or anything like that. The kid was brandishing what the cop could only identify as a firearm. The police are trained to shoot centre mass with no exceptions. The kid, instead of putting the gun down, ended up turning around to point the gun at the cop.

What do you honestly expect anyone would do if put into that position.

Look at the photo, the barrel was chopped off, No orange tip. And at a distance, the clear receiver is almost impossible to distinguish between something more solid. Clear receivers are common on the field I play at, and half the time I cant tell until I see it up close.

The kid was being a dumb shit and decided to do something incredibly stupid, which cost him his life in the end.
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