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In the UK there are tons of sites totally based around hire guns. To hear some players tell their side there are too many of those and too few sites meant for more serious players.

You could very much paint the UKARA in the same light as our age verification. It was an initiative put forward to self police the hobby.

And just like age verification the same type of person objects to playing 3 games to gain access to the next tier up. "I've just discovered airsoft and I must have guns right now. Please note I am coincidentally far to busy to attend games. I just want the stuff now."

And just like over here the typical response is baby gets nothing. In fact the players in the UK are much more militant than here. What they have is an exemption from the law. That can be erased with a stroke of a pen if the government decides to score some easy points with the curtain twitchers.
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