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That is very well said.

I do not think that it is at all the norm in regular Milsim play styles but one of the aspects of how we run East Wind that really seems to stick well is mission planning and prep. We have the luxury of time that most events do not and in addition to that, we have enough (barely) staff to actually develop an intel picture of what is going on so that players are able to work with real rather than scenario imagined intel when working out mission plans.

This means a good hour or so sitting around the table working out the plan, perhaps another hour getting kitted up just right, perhaps some time running some rehearsals etc before you step off for "action".

On the outside looking in, that seems entirely tedious. When you are in the midst of it though, it is very engrossing and gives you a great deal of personal ownership of the mission and a good dose of confidence when you walk out past the wire.

Think of it this way. Have any of you ever done a mission and when you were done thought "if only we had thought to do X instead!" Or rather have any of you ever NOT thought that? Sitting there, gaming it out before hand, working out the details, the route, actions on the objective, etc makes things just roll once you hit the field.

I am not sure how easy this is to integrate into more mainstream Milsim but it is something that works well at East Wind, it might be worth some thought.

Company OPORD going out at East Wind 5, squad/section leaders get their part then start working out their part of the puzzle.

Individual sections work out their mission plans.
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