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More often than not regulating bodies end up being more about control than service. They may start out right minded, but eventually fall to corruption.

In a community such as this, influence is more valuable than control. If you take the long view communities can be nudged in the direction desired and transformed over time to the desired conditions.

it's very hard to impose control over persons who retain the fuck you veto.

Even within the southern Ontario airsoft community there are many and divers circles of players that have radically different approaches to the activity. Binding these groups together under one regulatory regime would be impossible. Frankly it would not be desired as often the circles are at odds with one another with respect to their approach to the activity.

It is the differences that are valued as every player can find their way to the circle that best suits them and what they want out of the activity.

in the end we can in fact all get along and have some great fun where the circles overlap.
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