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not to say airsoft government is impossible, but democracy just isn't great for getting shit done.
As the great macguyver has on his signature
Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.
Or as it was in Mb, two sheep and a wolf deciding what's for dinner.

Adding on, ASC really is great system.
Admins and game organizers from around canada can chat or bang heads lol
There's no excuse for culturing though, I've played across the prairies and know every big name, we get a lot of great ideas together, sort out eachother's problems (because believe it or not, every group seems to have the EXACT same problems in growth), and we've managed to more or less standardize general airsoft rules across the praires, while still being open minded and accepting of the groups who want to play other styles of airsoft like speedball or hardball

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