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I'm just curious if anybody ever thought about or attempted to create some sort of self-policing airsoft body
You mean ASC?

the kind that would educate users about the guns, safe handling and transport practices
You still mean ASC?

and provide some kind of system for "registering" or whatever crap.
ASC or any other airsoft related NGOs do not have the legal right of not allowing anyone owing airsoft guns. If you want to convince the federal or provincial government or the RCMP to make a better system to regulate airsoft guns I may be on your side (depends on the possible outcome). But please don't start a organization and call it an airsoft government to do that.

I get really tired of "some idiot with an airsoft gun" stories and wonder how, if it's even possible, to keep the guns out of irresponsible hands while dolling out some stuff for people who have them.
Me too, but different organizations have different powers.
"you have to pass an airsoft course or you can't own one" that is what the government can say.
"you have to pass an airsoft course or we won't play with you and you won't be able to buy from us" that is what a group of assembled enthusiasts and volunteers can say.

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