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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Are you new at airsoft or new at sniping?
Also I highly recommend against sniping since most snipers are totally useless. Why not be an integrated marksmen? You can still use a bolt action rifle but you'll actually be useful lol
Your comment need to be clarified.

- New players need not to start at the sniper role. Being an effective and safe sniper mean understanding the basic dynamic of airsoft, it's ballistic and tactics.

- Lone wolf snipers are useless to the team effort.

- If you seek action and kills, be a sniper inside an offensive team, providing long range accurate support and observation.

That being clarified, I agree. A noob with a hot gun is dangerous. A certified noob with a hot gun is safer, but not as effective as a seasoned player that have a few game under his belt using an AEG.

Sniping is not about being 7331 à la COD. If the trill of the stalk, the hunt and the painfull progression in very unconfortable, prolonged situation is your thing, then the sniper role will be fun to you.
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