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If you're looking for reviews/opinions from owners you're best off searching for them.

First lets get this out of the way... Re: MTC 2.... WTF ewww gross kill it with fire. Thats not a gun it's an unwanted bastard child from a drunken drug fuelled orgy at the armoury. NO!..NO!

There's no real "best gun" there, all guns made by the same manufacturer will generally have the same quality build unless they have different quality lines. What you want to do is find the gun that's best for you. What you should be doing IMO is looking at what platform you want i.e. ak, m4, g36 etc. Consider the fire selector, the mag shape and how they change, ergonomics which feels better to shoulder, type of gearbox, what kind of battery you can fit in it etc. Then go from there. Get something that looks good to you that way you'll be excited to use it and it won't go to waste. MTC?...NO!!!!

As your first gun you're probably best off to avoid the less common platforms i.e. the MTC 2(NO!) & SOF 2/3. It will be harder to find parts, mags etc as well as info re upgrades and repairs since you plan on doing them yourself.

The OWC and the two Red Stars are all ak's. They have a V3 gearbox which is stronger and easier to work on that the V2 gearbox in the MRF. They will all have the same quality internals so the main difference is in the externals. The OWC has a shorter barrel, the VMG has a folding stock. It all really comes down to personal preference and aesthetics.

The MRF being an M4 will have the most available for it in terms of upgrades and accessories as it's by far the most common platform in airsoft.

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