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Originally Posted by ccyg8774 View Post
Selecting an airsoft gun highly depends on personal preference... Which is hard for someone else to do it for you.
Others can give you opinions about a brand, a line of product, compares same guns from different brands, but when selecting several different guns from a same brand (similar quality) that is mostly on yourself.
Agreed, but some seasoned people would have knowledge that I don't. For instance knowing that a particular company or model is bad or a better understanding of internals/externals etc... would really help me out. It is obvious from the guns I've selected what I would like to shoot, so any direction from there would be great. Or even just some great recommendations that I could check out that I may have either looked over or completely missed.

I am heavily leaning to the Red Star OCW right now, but still really like the SOF 2/3. The only problem is that I cannot find very many accuracy tests online which is kind of crappy. I'd like the gun to be reasonably accurate.
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