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Very first AEG - help me decide which one please!

Alright, I have to preface this with the fact that I have done a reasonable amount of research and although I clearly know next to nothing compared to you guys, I think I have figured out where I stand and what I want. I have made the decision that even though I have the money to buy better guns I know it is the smartest decision to not go balls to the wall and buy top tier guns when I really don't know how much I will be playing. I have a few buddies that did that and they play very irregularly and I don't want to be that guy.

That brings me to the decision of buying a mid tier gun and since I have the skills I know I could do whatever upgrades to the gun(s) if I want later on. I have been reading about mid tier guns and it seems that CYMA/JG are pretty darn decent quality as of now which brought me to ECHO1 who takes their guns and upgrades a couple minor things and makes sure they are good to go and sells them for a slight markup - I am pretty sure (still open minded though, so pipe up please) that I want to start with an ECHO1 gun.

I am currently thinking about these guns to use mostly if not always in the field around the Calgary area and do not want a really big gun as I am 5'6 and would like to be able to move and aim with ease and obviously accuracy is a factor although I know it won't be the best in this tier of guns and I am ok with that I just don't want a really bad gun.

Here are the guns (all ECHO1) which are on pretty crazy sale right now:

SOF 2/3 (probably 2 as it has a smaller barrel, SOF1 is too small) - $260
MTC 2 - $225
OCW - $245
MRF-MX - $268
Red Star RIS Full Metal - $215
Red Star VMG-74 - $210

Not a big deal as I might just want a second gun down the line anyways. Any input is MUCH appreciated and I am looking to order very soon as I would like to get a few games in with my buddies before it gets too cold/snowed in (although I am sure we are going to play throughout the winter). Also I would really appreciate any advice on BBs, gear, accessories for guns etc... I have money, but want to keep this on the cheaper side until I know how much I want to dive into it.

Thanks everyone and I am excited to become part of the community. :tup:

One last thing: I have a solid decade on the minimum age so if I should get verified for better deals let me know please. I am completely fine buying online however.

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