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I didn't find the CM16 too bad. Took me a little bit to get it up and running, but it was light weight and pretty accurate for a sub 300$ gun. Even the plastic body itself was quite strong and well made.

The G96 is heavy, on the other hand and as I said before, they tend to have raised seams where the two halves of the body meet. I sanded them down after I sliced open my middle finger on the screw hole under the trigger guard, and even took a straight edge knife to the holes to break the edge. The internal brass barrel was bent as well, but I can replace that later when i feel like upgrading the bolt action...

The F2000 is heavy, but well made. Of course, the older models can't use normal midcaps thanks to the gearbox having a screw jutting into the magwell but it's fairly easy to fix that. Otherwise, it's a phenomenal weapon.

The GR-25 (SR-25) is great, heavy pretty accurate, but has some blemishes on it. Magazines are kindof stupid too, nearly 40 bucks for a dinky little magazine that holds I think 50 rounds. I'll be switching to other brand midcaps, but not all will work in the GR25.

Thats all I got for G&G info.
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