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Unhappy So, Halloween's coming up

Hello Airsoft Canada,

I'm thinking, Halloween's coming up and I don't have a costume, but my friends and I do have some tactical gear. I have seen half a dozen people at our school do "tactical" load outs last year, including some guy wearing a full gillie suit.

What do you think about wearing tactical gear to school (without any weapons)? It abides with our school dress code and there isn't any legal problems with it, as far as I know. The closest thing we may be infringing upon would be impersonating a police officer, but we don't wear any insignia or POLICE labels. (we could say we are impersonating a team from x movie or game)

Just to clarify: By tactical gear I mean:
-different BDU (not CADPAT) shirt and pants
-Regular Hiking shoes
-plate carrier (with chocolate bars in place of magazines)
-plain o'l mechanix gloves

We are not going to bring or wear any:
-military unit or insignia patches
-airsoft guns (including clearsoft, cansoft or neon colored)
-anything that can be seen as a weapon, ie rubber knife, grenades.

I am also thinking about wearing a helmet or patrol cap, but I'm afraid it will draw too much negative attention.

What do you guys think? I think gear is just gear, wearing fabric isin't be illegal just because is 1000d cordura or printed with camo. Still, I'm gonna ask the Airsoft community here to be safe, given the current political situation I don't want to be the one that gets Airsoft banned (like Tim from Airsoft GI always says). So,do you think it should be fine for us?

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