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During a night game at Flag Raiders' I assaulted the drug lab [2 floor building] alone.

There was one guy in a little shack outside and he was shouting/talking to a guy on the 2nd floor balcony.

I snuck up on the guy in the shack and mercied him, his friend shouted down to him to ask what was going on. I did a quick little twirl around a corner and took 2-3 semi-auto shots getting the guy on the balcony before he knew what was going on. I then ran my ass off up the stairs, checked for anyone else, and switch the light from green to blue [my team colour]. I approached the balcony to see the status of my team. My base and one in the far corner were the only ones remaining. Just as I was about to head out to take the nearby town area [Saigon] I see a bunch of guys respawning to it [about 4 or 5]. It being a night game and me having no flashlight I couldn't see where they were. They ended up spreading out all along a fenceline and just absolutely sprayed my position. So I did what I do best and tucked into a corner and tried to cover 2 of 3 stairways. I eventually got mercied from a far distance but I accepted it because I felt being shot would have been a crappy way to end things.
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