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Hi all, new to airsoft but I have been into milsim style paintball for a few years. To all the former and current military members on the forum, thanks for your service. I am also a former U.S. Army active duty communications specialist 2002-2006 with a tour to iraq in 04/05. Finished off my contract and moved up to the tech hub in Waterloo, ON. I was one of two commo guys in my unit so i was always working the TOC and keeping the important stuff running so my G.I. Joe fun stuff was limited to training. I enjoy running around in the woods and solid patrols / tactics whether it's airsoft or paintball. I will be attending my first airsoft event at PRZ for operation dragonfly coming up on Nov 2nd and will be a regular at the Covert Ops field in Cambridge. See you all out on the field

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