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Kimbo and his camp put on some good events actually. Usually a solid a turnout matched with good game dynamics. I think something many games suffer from is recycled play areas, though it can be challenging to find new and exciting venues.

A special shout out goes to the guys who were mix and match gear to events, even something as simple as green versus tan. A lot of people say that perhāps it was all they can afford, or it was all their friends could lend them. To be honest, I sympathize with this, but when I come into a room and see a multicam arm, and then get shot by the guy because I hesitated, and now I see he's wearing OD pants with a UCP rig, I feel like going all Hulk smash. I actually witnessed this happen to an admin at Mason Relic, as the guy was wearing mix and match, he was pretty upset. Also, if the game is green versus tan, and all your buddies are wearing A-Tacs FG, but all you had is aridpat; guess what? You're on the other team numbnuts. You always see those guys who try to silently shuffle over by their friends, but are wearing opposing colors.

Back on the milsim note. There are always differing trains if thought, that live within the same world; things such as ammo/magazine limits, camo restrictions, mandatory safety gear, etc. Any player worth his salt will willingly adapt to attend an event they are interested in. For example, we run Systemas for the most part, and standard Systema magazines, which are the best in my opinion, hold about 120 rounds. We only load out magazines halfway as a rule of thumb, so approximately 60-70 rounds. These magazines, no matter how you slice it are considered mid-caps. When an event only allows blank number of mid-caps, that's all we carry, and we still only half load them. We don't carry extra because we use them as low-caps, and we do not ask for a reprieve. Rules are rules, get over it. One game I attended was a single high-cap allowance only. One gentleman was carrying two, and claiming he only used the second one to load his primary magazine, basically a BB holder. Even if that is true, and he is being honest, he still broke the rules. Same with comms. If the rules state not to jam or scan enemy frequencies, them just plain old don't do it.


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