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Originally Posted by Kimbo View Post
It's some comfort I suppose to see that game organizers all over have the same issues.

When you start airsoft you generally have no expectation from a game so your expectations are easily met. When you've been playing for a while and the excitement of shooting lots wears off, finding more serious milsim games to keep you interested becomes more difficult. Or rather, finding players who want to play more serious milsim games (before they quit out of boredom) becomes more difficult.

It seems to be a bit like the airsoft holy grail...a quest to find a real milsim game. I suppose we'll have to make the trek to East Wind *cough* Mecca *cough*

Great discussion, BTW
I'd build a necessary kit for a drunken road trip to east wind.
I might even be able to be convinced to do a Russian load out so Gish can finally play in his gear at a big game.

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