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First new AEG purchase

I am in the market for a new primary weapon, and after 3 weeks of research,reviews, countless hours on google , I am ready to pull the trigger so to speak. I have purchased a used mid grade AEG early this year and it has performed quite well for the most part with some minor techincal problems , now I am ready to spend on a decent model.

My budget is in the $400-500 range for gun , some basic requirements, crane stock ( 9.6 Nunchucks , deans will be added ), something in a M4 variant ,decent stock externals , metal gears & bushings, decent stock gearbox , TM Compatible for upgrading, Outdoor Play. I would like something that performs well out of box , and I have no problem upgrading and mods ( lipo,gears etc ) over the winter. Do I have unrealistic expectations? and the above requirements are not make or break just a guideline.

So I guess I am asking the community for some input & opinions , based on your'e expertise and experience. Below is what has caught my eye ( and my concerns ). I am also open to suggestions as well.

Socom Gear Barret rec7 m4 (10.5 or 14.5 ) made by VFC
Is it really a VFC Gear box , or a cheap knock off . I am getting mixed info on the gear box other than version 2 . Does it have metal gears and bushings or is it plastic? How concerned should I be about the self shimming gears?

Any Full Metal King Arms M4 Variants
I believe these will be classed in the elite series. Haven't narrowed a particular model down as of yet. They seem to be well built internally and externally.
Concerns , well known Mid cap fitting and feeding issue - there is no definite answer , sounds like a trail and error to find right mags .
Cut off Lever issue - Do I need to worry about it right out of the box, or is not so common . Would it be a major investment for a Gun tech to diagnose and replace if it was an issue.

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