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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Every host has to be responsible for their decisions as well. If you hosted a game that was strictly AOR1 versus AOR2, you'd likely have a sparse showing. Slightly more common nowadays is approved camo lists. Things like Multicam, AOR2, marpat desert, A-Tacs AU, multiterrain, etc, versus M81 woodland, marpat, DPM, etc. But then you have guys wearing UCP, or black complaining.
This annoys me to no end, along with people posting weeks before a milsim or themed game saying they don't have a required camo so they'll just show up wearing UCP because that's all they have.

One specific game this year was a Wolverines themed game (civilian militia vs soviet military) Rules were dress the part, no geared out civies in plate carriers, helmets or camo, and soviets were to wear green camo. Fairly simple instructions you'd think. Nope. One guy posted up saying all he had was UCP so that was good enough, while others were going to run helmets and plate carriers on the civilian team. (helmets so they could get sweet footage of them walking through thick scrub brush, and plate carriers because they felt they could do what they want)

I'm all for invite only and minimum kit list games for reasons like this. There are plenty of bb fest games for the COD playing mag ticklers, more serious players shouldn't have to dumb down their games to always cater to those kind of players.
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