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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
I went to the USA last fall with a bunch of buds for a Cherry Coke run, we literally came back with about 40 cases of pop, the border guards couldn't believe that was our primary reason for the drive, and spent an hour searching my truck trying to find something else..... Never did, gave me the speech that "I should make sure I'm not trying to hide anything" about 10 times, and kept asking what else I bought besides a meal and gas to get back home. Longest attempt to get back into Canada ever.

Going down the US border guard was great, asked what we were doing told him he laughed, asked him what the best route to the town we were heading to, he pulled out a map and drew a short cut onto it for us that knocked 45mins of driving time out, and even gave us a better border crossing to use on the way back since his would be closed by the time we did.

Same thing on previous trips, the USA guys are great every time I've cross, the Canadian ones ask a million questions and make one feel like a criminal hopeing to make you make a slip of the tongue in frustration so they can waste more of your time. All you have to do is change how you word the same thing to them 5 times already and there goes another 1/2hr of your life you will never get back again. I try to keep my responses to 5 words or less to them now.
pfft at least they didn't detain you because they suspect that I'm not who I say I am and claim that my last name does not match my ethnicity, even if I have 6 government ID with my name, pictures and address.

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