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I can say my experience crossing the US border on business has and continues to be brutal.

The core of the issue they have with anyone on business heading to the USA, is protecting the jobs of the Americans. This IS one of the directive for Homeland Security.

I do not have the energy to argue with anyone on this on; you will have to trust me. We confirmed this through legal.

They are looking for any reason to prove you don't need a US worker to do your job, OR proof you should not have a location in the US to be the primary for taxes. (state too)

They have hammered me on too many cases to remember. And no, I am very well seasoned at making sure I am not even close to being a dick, and very co-operative.

I have a perfect record, born and raised in Canada and have passport with loads of stamps in the pages. (low risk)

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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