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Manufacturing of medium to large parts.

Everything to the rear axles for the Giant 797 Caterpillar 400 Ton Payload Mining trucks, the Blow Out Preventers similar to the one that failed in the gulf of Mexico, to Wind Turbine Parts, Gas Turbine, Parts, Locomotive sub assemblies, Hydro Electric Dam Runners etc etc...

Even propulsion components for Nuclear Subs.

We are considered one of the largest in North America and easily the largest in Canada.

Its getting old to subject our customers to these ass hats. I get it if its once a year. Bad day+bad customer.

But clearly in the last 18 months this has become way more combative as the men (and women) visiting in some cases bring it up the minute they show up.

I try to laugh it off and do my job to water it down, but they are here to SPEND MONEY.

I think its pretty clear they should be treated with the respect they should. Especially when some of the companies these guys work for employ in excess of 150,000 people and have armies of sourcing people looking globally. All of which they selected our country for the source.

First impressions....

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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