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At least once every 6 weeks I have customers who come to visit our Company. In nearly all occasions they are coming here to source work at our company for products and services they cannot get in the USA.

What does this give us? Jobs, money and Taxes.

The value of these visits to our company are based on tens of millions and employ a lot both internally and subcontracted.

I wish these border guards could see the damage they have done in some occasions. I usually hear about there experience after they arrive.

And, before you even think that "they are Americans" Fuck off, these are professionals who are well accredited, schooled and free of any need to be a dick. I have heard time and time again the boarder guard turned into a total dick for no reason.

These people aint coming to site see. They are here cause we have competed fairly against there home sources and have won.

It is starting to get old.

And for the record, I get the same shit heading south on business. For the same situation.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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