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Problem with Toric lenses is that, as it inplies, they have a different strenght per axis, which means they must be wore in a specific way, and that a rotation will screw your vision.

Weight is added at the bottom of the lens, so that the lens is at the right angle in your eye.

This weight can and will irritate sensible eyes.

As you noted yourself, you cannot wear them for a long time. Imagine if you were more sensible to lenses than him.

I wont even get into the axis of the astigmatism itself, as axis too close or too far from a vertical/horizontal axis cannot be done on disposable lenses, and must be conpensated with greater strenght of the prescrition.

I'd need to ask my partner for this anyway, it's her job, not mine.

Astigmatism's a bitch.

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HackD, I too have an Astigmatism. I wear Toric Contact lenses & recommend them for everyday use. For long ops it didn't work wearing them much beyond 12 hours. Having said that I went to Revision Desert Locust goggles with the Rx insert. For $80 Lenscrafters made me polycarb lenses within 24 hours. I will not go back. I love the goggles with the Rx inserts. I have worn them in 30C 98% humidity and they worked great. I did remove the foam dust filter around the edge for better ventilation and that helped a lot. Cheers
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