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Originally Posted by QRF1 View Post
HackD, I too have an Astigmatism. I wear Toric Contact lenses & recommend them for everyday use. For long ops it didn't work wearing them much beyond 12 hours. Having said that I went to Revision Desert Locust goggles with the Rx insert. For $80 Lenscrafters made me polycarb lenses within 24 hours. I will not go back. I love the goggles with the Rx inserts. I have worn them in 30C 98% humidity and they worked great. I did remove the foam dust filter around the edge for better ventilation and that helped a lot. Cheers
I was able to take my Revision Sawfly's with my prescription inserts (which were much more expensive than Lenscrafters .. but then Lenscrafters could never craft me a lense even close to what my prescription is supposed to be be.. ) on a first field-test this past weekend.

Despite the risks involved over Goggles.. i'm entirely sold on shooting glasses - at least in a long range, outdoor environment where the shooters are known NOT to take head-shots.

The fit of the Revision Sawfly's, along with the relative tightness of the insert frame against my eyes, combined with rear/side angle protection that a Mich2000 provides.. getting a 'golden BB' is a very unlikely event with these.

I will carry back-up goggles on my helmet..
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