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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Certainly, the number of players in the community will dictate the size of games.

There have been some good sized games that went off well around here, upwards of 150 to 200 players.

When you choose to specialize then you have to realize that you cut out the majority of players, and you have to adjust your expectations with respect to attendance.

But if you stick to your plans and goals, the right players will come out and the ones you don't want will stay away.

In Ontario in particular there are so many fields and games going on that there is usually every weekend a game catering to each particular proclivity.

Sometimes games overlap.. and nibble at the player base reducing attendance at both games, but overall Game hosts are pretty careful not to double book out of courtesy for one another. It's all working pretty well.
Definitely. When you expand into a larger area, such as Toronto or Calgary, then finding say a group or game based on WWII or Vietnam shouldn't be a problem. Those are sort of mid interest, I mean more or less the styles that are very low in population, and therefore must show up to other events. Also, there is nothing wrong with holding a large, all welcome, style of event. They can be fun if they are handled right. Many events though are becoming invite only, or even having gear restrictions such as say multicam versus woodland. It's funny how people get all up in arms about them, I think many stylized games will go more that way in the future, especially as player bases rise.

I have attended a number of Battlefield games hosted by JOC in Calgary, and enjoyed them all. One of the best though was only about 60-70 players instead of the usual 100-150. Having people with good attitudes is everything really, not always how many you have.

When an endurance game is held, such as a 24 hour, other issues arise. If half the team leaves the play area to go sleep in their cars, it severely unbalances the game, same as when a chunk of players leave early. A lot of work goes into these events, and changing everything on the fly to compensate is a pain. Many hardcore game organizers have resorted to either inviting teams/players that they know will tough it out, and help the game keep rolling, and others say straight out not to bother attending unless your prepared for a long game. This also gets people upset, but not understandably. Why should they want you there if your just coming to do things your way, and not to be a part of the big picture? Many game organizers are players. It's not about the money, they want to hold a specific type of event, and throw their blood, sweat, and tears, into it, but can only pull it of if everyone chips in and comes prepared. But then they get called elitist.

In my personal opinion, if say Brian wishes to hold a WWII style event, for aficionados, or anyone who is interested in checking one out, and you show up dressed like Master Chief or Something completely non period, your a jerk.

Time and effort should be rewarded with teamwork, understanding, and fun, not with some goof showing up and doing things his way, leaving early, and then calling you names because you won't invite his ass back.

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