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I think it would also be worth debunking some of the myths of "what isn't" milsim.

Going all queer eye and saying fat people or boonie hats are not allowed is probably a bit miss-guided.

Same for re-supply or other administrative details. Guys in the military go back to the vehicle for more ammo all the time.

If you want a limited ammo game then write it up so there's a first of all a good reason behind that and make sure the game scenario will lead players to that outcome. Reasonable uniform rules are fine; if you have one team on deck as Navy SEALs doing a greenside op then hoodies and white runners won't fly. Same goes if you have insurgents; having them swathed head to toe in Multicam "because it's all I've got" isn't acceptable. Sending someone off for wearing Flyee instead of Paraclete though is once again a bit too queer eye.

When one team bends or brakes the game rules or "rules of engagement" that's not milsim either. As soon as that happens it's one big skirmish.

When the game admin decides to intervene and tweak the rules on the fly because the game has tilted the wrong way they better have a plan and a reasonable way to do so. Otherwise it's just bullshit.

It is one thing to be in the military and to get paid to enjoy belt fed cock.

It is not desirable to go out and pay your own money and get belt fed cock in exchange.
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