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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
This has been the best discussion on this topic ever had on ASC.. full stop.

and I thank everyone who has contributed, This should be stickied.. so as to avoid the inevitable rehash that is certain to occur if this thread gets submerged.
Here Here!

Asawayze, you have some very straight forward points, I like that. However, Canada has some reverse issues from the US. There are more people in New York City, than our entire country combined, yet we have a larger country by land mass. And although we have some great centers for airsoft, not everyone is in or near one, and out potential player base is quite a bit smaller, no matter how high it may be per capita. In my case, I got my start in a smaller town of 15,000 or less population. We had at one time, three airsoft teams, which is pretty good considering, and all three teams were/are modern military style. We focused on milsim, and organized sport style of play with tactics and higher end gear. We for the most part offered up the opportunity for almost anyone to come and try out if they were interested, but many wanted something different. We had players who wanted to play strictly a speedball style without all the heavy gear, others were into WWII style, etc, but we didn't cater directly to them. Essentially, if you wanted to play on or with our team, on out field, you did it our way; which I believe is reasonable. We would even give, lend, rent, or help guys buy gear they needed to play, and as long as you had a proper airsoft gun, BDUs, and safety gear, you could play on our field. Here's the issue; some players would bitch that we didn't play any days their way, or allow their style on our field. Others tried to make is change, and on, and on, and on. There was no outlet within driving distance for many of these players that had specialty tastes, but we were building a team, and not providing a weekend warrior place to game for all. I don't feel bad about that, but I didn't like being bitched at, or being called an elitist for doing our own thing, with our own time and money, on our own property. Even going to certain larger events it mostly catered to one style of play for game dynamics, and if someone threw a specialty game, depending on the type, they'd have no little to no attendees. So most players are forced to attend the milsim, or modern military style if events, because that's all they had available. I was at one event with maybe 100 or more combatants, and one guy, "one", showed up with a giant rubber broadsword. So yeah, many people looked at him oddly, and he was told by admins that he can't run his sword. Now I'm sorry that he has no one his speed, but don't come to our event, and then act surprised when people look at you funny. As I understand it in many States, there are more people available for the oddball or specialty stuff due to population. Also, not three, four, ten hour drives to find a game that suits you.

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