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Having been to both Eastwind and the Guernsey OP that was the original post of this thread, I thought I'd join up and chime in.

I've spent waaaay too much time figuring out what milsim is, to the point that I now look upon the term as a profanity. Eastwind was my very first OP (and RUINED the rest of AS for me, thankyouverymuch Mr Swayze) I've gone to big OPs, I've gone to little OPs, I've been across the states looking for good games (and I'm looking for something cool to go to in Canada!).

What "I" have managed to boil it down to is players as participants rather than customers. Your results may vary. I was at Guernsey. I, personally had a fantastic time. And I did it without firing a shot. We decided we could be bored and playing another AS game, or we could get out there and make our own fun, which we did.

I've played at the gigantic monster OPs here in the states. They bore the hell out of me. I don't need a cast of thousands for my fun. I need 100 hand-picked, motivated, dedicated professionals. I get that at Eastwind. I get that at RECONDO. I stole the same idea when we created OP Grand Redemption. 106 participants, personally invited (including three Canadians). SUPERB levels of sportsmanship and professionalism!

On another issue, is the ice cream sandwich with the MC boonie cap really the future of the sport? He's not the future of MY sport. Milsimers aren't elitist as much as we are separate. We don't want to play funsoft, they don't want to play milsim. I'm fine with that. I think it's a greater disservice to the sport to try to make everything everything to everyone. Discrimination can be a good thing.

Sounds like some new topics for Airsoft Table Talk

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