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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
To be honest you don't want to simulate the military.

Ask anyone who's in.
Quoted for truth, playing airsoft got you out of the "routine" and doctrine. It gets repetitive after too many years and it is nice to sometimes just shoot instead of living the life. But individuals with that experience and perception are in the minority. You quickly realize how training, understood doctrine, SOP's and "groupthink" go out the window when you are actually under effective fire. Any true CQB simulation will show you this, when the defenders are actually prepared and not under a surprise raid or attack. Without the element of surprise you are dead in the door in most scenarios.

I always remind myself in every game that airsoft survivability is nothing like the real world and tactics used in airsoft do not necessarily translate to real world "milsim". Sometimes it is the suspension of belief that can lead to the best entertainment and experience, go with the flow of the game as it is designed.

Airsoft "milsim" is the same as the rest of life, you get out of it what you invest in it.

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