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I see your point, but things are not so A and B. The scale in which you measure a player is not from elitist to fat kid and back. There are several different tangents to style of play, and several different dynamics you could use to rate a player. If Brian wishes to host a World War II event, and I wish to hold a modern military style event, then that is simply what they are. An elitist attitude would be looking down at said event because it isn't your style, but it is in no way elitist to expect all attendees to show up appropriately. Nobody is responsible for catering to all demographics, because that would be impossible, and foolish. General demographic games that are simply shoot and scoot, can be very fun, but I have attended 300 player plus games that were near to a complete shit storm. Amount of players can make a great dynamic to a game, but can just as easily ruin it.

Discluding someone from an event is elitist, unless there is a valid reason i.e. age, attitude, safety, etc. The fat kid is allowed to attend a WWII event, as long as he is there prepared for such an event. I take players on to my team with low natural skill, knowing full well that they will get better with time given the opportunity. However, this brings up a very good point; if a group of players is set up well will skill, team work, equipment, etc, then some kid with a clearsoft gun and little experience will not likely have fun with them, and on the opposite, the other group has no challenge, so they'll be disappointed. You "can" field them all together, but it may end in disaster. Several types of game styles simply do not mix on any level whatsoever, and there is nothing anyone can do about that.

Elitist attitude is simply thinking that you're superior in some way, and looking down at others, it is not being superior, and using your gifts. If that was not the case, every player would have to run the exact same gear with the exact same capabilities, and anyone who showed above average skill would have an arm tied behind their backs, while below average would be given cocaine to compensate. Luckily, our species figured out how stupid that is, and now it doesn't apply to anything, especially something like airsoft.

Whining because something doesn't cater to you, means you are a part of a small, selfish demographic of people that are too lazy to start something yourself, or to see what the local scene is into, and finding a way to fit in. If you ran a team, and everyone on it put their heart and soul into their gear, their skill, and thei team work, and actively looked for challenging events that was more inline with their style, that doesn't make them elitist. But when someone joins up, and suggests you run around in pink leotards with rubber swords, you wouldn't consider it. You'd probably tell them to head on down the road to find something more their speed. That is the right thing to do, not elitist, not even a little.

Airsoft can be whatever you want it to be, and that's just fine, but don't bring expectations into someone else's house, and the cry when you don't get your way. So many people who dump their all their energy, money, and skill into their gear, or their events get called elitist for no reason. Name on sport or game where there is not a minimum safety and sporting gear to play. Guess what happens if you want to play hockey, but you can't afford skates or a helmet? I'll bet you can figure out the answer without me telling you, but it involves you not playing hockey. Luckily, that's where field hockey, or ball hockey comes into play. Once those different sports are established however, don't expect them to mix on the same field; they are just too different.

If you do attend an "open" event, and some kid with a POS Walmart gun manages to shoot you in all your fancy gear, and you don't call it, then you are an unsportsmanlike, elitist, turd.


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