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I think a few major points have been missed here.

Airsoft is a game. It is not anything like military service. Those wanting a true military experience should sign up. End of story.

The point of a game is to have fun. This means accommodating people of widely different experience and skill levels. That fat kid in the multicam cap is the future of the sport. New players must be encouraged and brought into the sport instead of being alienated and made to feel inadequate simply because they don't meet some elitist standard of conduct. Without new blood, this sport will die.

Heck, the fact that the fat kid in the multicam cap has been singled out and become the subject of scorn and ridicule is itself an indication of a very broken attitude. Every member of this forum was once that fat kid in the multicam cap; we all had to start at the beginning.

I should mention that I have noted more than a few so called 'elite' players who conduct themselves in extremely unsportsmanlike ways. Refusing to call hits from that fat kid in the multicam cap because one has been airsofting for N years and feels themselves to be special is beyond the pale. Overly aggressive behavior towards new players will only ensure that the 'elite' players become a small, lonely and likely bitter group that nobody else wants to associate with. If that's your goal, fill your boots.

When hosting a large game/milsim/op/whatever, it is truly a challenge to ensure that one provides a safe and rewarding experience for all participants, regardless of skill level. The goal of a game organizer should be to ensure that all players are challenged but yet have an opportunity to have fun and feel as though they have received good entertainment value for their money. After all, people participate in this money hemorrhaging sport because they want too, and the second it ceases being enjoyable they will move on. The best way to ensure that people attend an event is to listen to what they want and then to work hard to strike a balance between the requirement of the elite and the new players and everyone in between. It is absolutely critical that one parks their ego and strives to keep listening, and to realize that laurels are something to be built on, not rest on.

If one wishes to host a 'true milsim' event with very restrictive rules and player skill level limitations then feel free to do so. However, don't complain about your sparsely attended milsim while denigrating the event which drew 300+ people that you felt did not live up to your standards. That 300+ person event had a lot of turnout because people had fun and they will support such events in the future because they wish to continue having fun.

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