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Originally Posted by Aswayze View Post
Sheesh…. 5 pages…. I need to lighten the hell up…
You need to write a book on this: Airsoft , Milsim style.

I'd buy it.

I'm finding that the older I get the more this appeals to me. Unfortunately medical issues keep me from attending alot of extended duration games.

When I first started I loved the meat grinder games. Run in shoot, get hit, run out, respawn, repeat.

Now not so much. I like using my head more than my feet.

I'm starting to find more enjoyment in planning various skrims and OPs, than playing in alot of games. And when I play in games, I am very selective in which ones I go to, since I know my limitations.

I'm looking forward to more discussion!
Nothing says loving, like a head shot!

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