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one of the things that has not been mentioned is that every game is what you make it. MILSIM exists wherever you want it to. It comes out of your approach to the game.

it is certainly possible for a unit of any number of players to be conducting a MILSIM right in the middle of a Skirmish.

I have been at and commanded company sized units at games where the two sides had radically different experiences at the same game. One side had a positive engaging "milsim" like experience the other, as shit show of poor organization, bad feelings and wholesale "rage quit" AT THE SAME GAME... in AAR you see the relating of very different experiences, you wonder if people were at at the same game. ( in fact they were not, despite the fact they shared the field)

One of the key aspects of a simulation is always the mind set of the participants, if they get into it, play the role. treat the situation as if it was real, act and react as if what is happening is real, then you can break through the confines of the game and create an experience that is at the next level.

It requires a suspension of reality, and a willingness to step through to an alternate reality where 6mm plastic bbs can kill you.

This mindset is very prevalent in the Reenactment end of the milsim spectrum, and also why I find myself there more and more. That and I love oldschool gear and guns.

MILSIM is not created by a game host, or by a rule set,(though a bad rule set can get in the way) it's created by the participants and their ability to engage in a scenario, and alternate reality placed in existence by the game designer. If players go with you into this alternate reality, some pretty amazing things can happen. But if they stand outside and shoot in.. it fails. I've had lots of really successful games ,, and lots of utter failures, and in every case it came down to the people who came. Consequently I am choosy as to who I permit to attend my games now. I don't care about "big games" ( I'm also very choosy about what games I participate in, due to old injuries the physical toll is high for me, so if I'm going to endure a couple of weeks of hard pain, I had better get what I want )

I don't do this to make money.. despite what some people believe. I do it to bring people along to places I want to go.
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