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Originally Posted by QKLee11 View Post
whatever Brian, this is coming from a guy who wanted to deploy spies on the other side to act as spies during events...matter of a fact there are 2 ppl who I know who acted as spies in your game...we had for a while access to your JOTF File not slinging shit but tired of your know it all nonsense...
I have set conditions in some of my games where opposing forces could deploy intelligence assets, as an element of the game, and of the story. In each and every case that I have done so it was up to those people to infiltrate the enemy forces of on their own using guile and deception, and with no assistance from anyone. Yes.. they had to "act"
I have also provided clues in the backstory as to the possibility of this happening.
In addition anyone who choses to accept such a risky role goes in with ONE life with no respawn. If they get caught.. they are out of the game. Can you imagine the satisfaction of the player who executes their mission successfully? I can, because I have seen it happen those players come back.

I have also used ongoing games to provide training opportunities for third forces to conduct single objective one life missions within the context of an ongoing game without the knowledge of the other players. In one game I had 5 different factions operating on the field Most people only knew of 2. But as the game went on evidence of the activities of unknown forces became suspected .. then known.

in most cases these things are very successful in providing an element of confusion, and stress within the players, and frankly it's the only means to attract some players who have withdrawn from the wider community.

Of course this does mean that my games are not GREEN vs TAN line up and pull triggers kind of affairs.. you have to pay attention, think and be aware of your weak spots lest they be exploited. You have to read and analyze the back stories to bring context to the game. You may be required to interact with opposing forces or unknown elements in more than a "lets get em!" context..

I can tell when people don't bother to do these things because they end up confused, distressed and in some cases upset when things get "weird" and often they don't come out to my games anymore. Which in fact self corrects the problem.

I know we differ in our approach to game design, but I'm pretty sure there is room for everyone.

Clearly FR has a winning series in nightfall.. people like it, everyone likes it milsim players, and skirmishers alike, so you're doing something right.

It's clear that you don't like "my kind of games" that challenge players to do more than load mags and count bodies and that is ok, not everyone has to. But we do have to work together and respect each other. We play in the same sandbox.
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